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Our mission, vision, values and diversity statements are interconnected. Together, they point to the link between corporate success, customer satisfaction and employee excellence.

Vision Statement

We tell your story to the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most effective, innovative and distinctive communication services, which exceed customer expectations through accurate and timely targeting, distribution and measurement services.

We explore. We exceed. You excel.

We explore as individuals, teams, businesses and as a Group because we:

  • Pursue creativity, innovation and new opportunities
  • Seek continuous improvement
  • Take intelligent risks
  • Learn from our successes and failures
  • Listen to constructive feedback.

We as individuals, teams, businesses and as a Group exceed because we:

  • Anticipate, meet and exceed expectations
  • Understand our customers’ business and create long lasting relationships
  • Value our employees’ diverse talents and support them to exceed their own expectations
  • Treat each other fairly and justly
  • Recognize that sometimes we have to make difficult decisions, but we commit to communicating as much as we can, as soon as we can.

Lastly and most importantly, we come to you. Whether you’re a valued customer, employee, business partner or member of the wider community, how does all this exploring and exceeding benefit you?

You excel because:

  • Success for our customers and our business partners is success for us
  • Enabling our employees to excel is central to our success
  • Being a good neighbor and a good business citizen is a key priority
  • We celebrate success – so work hard, work smart and have fun!

We explore. We exceed. You excel.

It's more than a memorable copy line; it’s the code by which we can all prosper.

At PR Newswire, we believe that diversity is critical to our success as a global organization.

We understand that an employee community that draws upon a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and viewpoints is vital to the creativity and innovation we need to drive our business forward. Our goal is for employees across all our markets to reflect the communities in which we live and work. We are dedicated to creating an environment of inclusion where similarities and differences are embraced.

Our participation in a multicultural business community will help us expand our markets and achieve our goals. We aim to be knowledgeable about the diversity of our customers and markets as well as respectful of their different backgrounds, challenges and perspectives when pursuing our business objectives. This shapes how we help our customers communicate with the global audiences they seek to reach.

We realize that the true measure of our diversity will be in our actions, not our words, and we are committed to representing the values of diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our work.

On March 8, 1954, PR Newswire opened its doors, and in so doing, revolutionized the news business, forever transforming the way that organizations issue their news. Our founder Herbert Muschel introduced “the pr wire” circuit, making it possible to deliver news copy to major media points in New York City simultaneously.

Today at PR Newswire, we deliver our customers’ news to media points throughout the world. But this is just the start of what we do. We also provide targeting, measurement and broadcast services that help our customers refine and gauge the impact of their communications campaigns.

While we have witnessed many changes to the news business throughout our history, we continue to believe our people and our products are the keys to our success. For over 52 years, we have demonstrated our commitment to innovation and industry leadership by providing an environment that supports new ideas and by hiring and promoting individuals who are intelligent, results-driven and team oriented.

Thank you for considering a career at PR Newswire. In this section, you’ll find information about our company, our culture, and our people, all of which is designed to give you a better sense of whether PR Newswire may be a good fit for you. You’ll also have the ability to explore our latest job postings, so that you can determine if there are any opportunities that may suit your career interests and experience.

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